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1. free airdrops / giveaways

One 3x3punk NFT will be airdropped to our early adopters and fanbase every 500 sell out. ETH & USDT invite contest in discord.

2. 3x3DAO

50% income from the release and 50% opensea royalties will be used to build a DAO to support new projects and invest in promising projects.

3. 3x3 artists 1/1

1/1 special edition by artists will be auctioned to public or raffled to 3x3punks holders. Proceeds from the auction will be put into 3x3DAO.

4. bricks pack

We will release customized 3x3punks building bricks pack/box with everything you need to build a 3x3punk in real-life. Buy packs and bring 3x3punks to life.

5. Merchandize store

A member exclusive merchandize store selling Limited Edition high quality
t-shirts, hats and hoodies. Random 3x3punks gift included.

6. Game building

Tired of low quality pixel games in the NFT world? We will launch an open-world RPG (Role-Playing Game) 3x3world and everyone can join us.

7. 3x3 everything

Bring the whole NFT universe into 3x3 world with bricks, collaborated projects/collections will also join the 3x3 open-world game party.

8. 3x3 bridge party

10,001 total supply will make 3x3punks a big NFT community, meet new friends and build connection here, we will party together once sold out.


Stake your 3x3punks and earn some $BRICK - Utility token currency in our RPG game 3x3world and merchandise store.


What is the total supply?

10,001 unique Punks

How much per punk?

0.033 ETH + gas

Maximum per mint?


What is secondary royalties?


When is the sale date?

Nov 27th, 11 AM EST

How many reserved?

last 333

If u want to know

Not something fancy, just want to talk with you about the project as the creator and developer for 3x3Punks. By the way, you can call me HOTEA .

2. Why do you make a 3d version Cryptopunks rather than your own project?

Someone needs to do it. With such a well-made and memorable project, I just can't allow it to only live in the 2D world, especially after I've seen so many crude "3D Cryptopunks". By the way, 3x3punks is not affiliated with Larva Labs, even though I hope it is. Pixel art and Lego are two things everyone likes, so I decided to make it in Lego's style.

3. Is there any interesting things I need to know?

All punks types, attributes and colors come from the legend Cryptopunks except background colors and make glass looks like glass, metal looks like metal. For the background, I chose them from real-world Lego colors. And the lights are 10 beautiful HDRIs from the haven with a 0° - 359° randomly generated z-axis rotation. Just want to let you know, even without the awesome lighting, all 3x3punks are unique.

Talk soon in discord.

Build with blocks on the block.

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